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26.04.2024 Today’s Insights from – Unusual Ways to Prepare for Confident Presentations

26.04.2024 Today’s Insights from – Unusual Ways to Prepare for Confident Presentations
Dear Students,
While Spring seems to be the time of year when writers employ golf metaphors, stay with me for a moment before giving up on today’s (yes, another!) golf-focused article.
How many ambitious international students (like you) who are bright, study diligently for tests, find time to focus on your internship/job search, and yet still fear giving presentations?
Making successful presentations requires much more than a good PowerPoint deck. As our MCI professionals know, it involves a group of skills, including those related to: a) preparation mindset/attitude, b) practice and c) ability to adjust to circumstances in real time. Some of the techniques that Harvard Instructor Carmine Gallo identifies (in italics)  are highlighted within our program, as well.
a.Preparation Mindset/Attitude
Presentation success requires candidates like you to be self-aware enough to realize that you’ll likely be a bit anxious, yet savvy enough to identify ways to minimize your nervousness showing. Hence, Gallo’s suggestion about taking a breath. Of course, being mindful, culturally-aware and attentive to detail in planning the presentation help to build confidence, as well.
While seemingly obvious, practice doesn’t mean simply delivering a presentation out loud, in front of your mirror, a few times. Done right, it involves mental rehearsal as well as strong verbal communication skills, as close as possible to the circumstances you will actually face (which may require some creativity to arrange). Hence, Gallo’s suggestions about lighting, taking the initiative to locate a “similar to real-life” practice room, playing mental games, including an audience, and playing a full round without stopping.
c. Ability to Adjust On the Fly
I’ve added this competency (from personal experience) because real-life presentations often require young professionals like you/your teammates to change course, en route, whether to speak to an unexpected additional audience member (read: company executive), to unexpectedly shorten the presentation delivery, due to time, or to unexpectedly adjust the content presented, (for example, to cover for a team member who is out unexpectedly). To do so requires adaptability, flexibility and resilience, along with potentially time management and organizational skills.
Here’s to your “presenting yourself” well through working with our experienced coaches!