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Mandarin Consulting Edinburgh Chinese New Year Party 2016

Mandarin Consulting Edinburgh Chinese New Year Party 2016

On the 7th February, at the Iron Horse in Glasgow, the Edinburgh office of Mandarin Consulting hosted their Chinese New Year Party for 2016.

Chinese New Year is all about spending time with family. Mandarin Consulting is fully aware that our students are a long way from home and are not able to take time away from their studies to return home. So, we decided to organise a party to celebrate this most important festival of the year and give everyone that sense of being part of a big family.

Our Edinburgh team worked extremely hard to make this event happen. We cooked authentic Chinese food, made New Year decorations, arranged games of traditional Chinese Mah-jong, sang karaoke and designed lots of interesting and fun games including Chinese whispers, a pub quiz with questions about China and Scotland and last but not least, a singing contest. Oh boy, we definitely have some hidden talents!

Once again, I am very proud and overwhelmed by everyone’s enthusiasm and team spirit. We were so happy to see everyone chatting, eating, having fun and celebrating this special festive event together. It really makes all our effort and hard work worthwhile.

On behalf of Mandarin Consulting, I sincerely hope in 2016, the Year of the Monkey, you find your true passion and discover your true self. Mandarin Consulting will be here with you every step of the way.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!